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About WCV
WCV Team

Our Philosophy

There are many keys to success; however, choosing the right venture capital partner in today's economic environment is even more critical than before.  Entrepreneurs should seek a partner who:

  • Has a proven track record of funding successful companies
  • Is willing and able to fund an entire round if necessary
  • Has strong, high level industry connections
  • Has experience starting and running venture-backed companies
  • Has a long-term view and history of follow-on financing

Investment Strategy

Washington Capital Ventures offers a streamlined path to blue chip venture capital.  WCV looks to invest in a very select portfolio of high potential, early stage opportunities in the telecommunications, networking and software sectors.  We aim to add value beyond the dollars that we invest by building long-term, world-leading businesses and true partnerships with the entrepreneurs that found and lead these companies.  If WCV elects not to invest directly ourselves we can leverage strong relationships we have with several VC funds, many of which have invested in us personally in the past.   We believe we can often assist both the entrepreneur and the VC in understanding the opportunity, streamlining the funding process.

Investment Criteria

  • Early stage
  • Company leadership
  • Large, potential market
  • Unique, defensible technology
  • Strong investment partners
  • Little or no competition
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